About Michael Bradfield

Michael Bradfield is a photographer and videographer who collaborates with clients to refine and realise their ideas. A devoted generalist, he works in both the studio and on location. He is interested in the way an image can capture an essence or truth to persuade and surprise the viewer. After having appropriated his Dad’s Nikon FM2 at the age of 10 he has never looked back. 

He works with a range of clients to create exceptional marketing and advertising campaigns, books and publications, print catalogues, photo and video collateral, outdoor advertising, websites and social media. His client list includes Pearsons Florist, Bonds, Chartered Accountants Australia, Macquarie Bank, David Jones Online, Marcs, Johnson & Johnson, Landcom, King Street Gallery, Chalk Horse Gallery, S.H. Ervin Gallery, and ANC Couriers.

The Roller

In December 2013, he founded The Roller Co-Working, a co-working space housed in a mid-20th century warehouse. The Roller Co-working currently hosts various creatives, freelancers and their pooches, with an eclectic interior is fitted out with props and artworks gathered over last 10 years. There are a variety of environments in which to relax, make calls or work away from your desk. Michael has never been a fan of conventional offices with fluorescent lighting. The original steel windows let light into the mid-century warehouse building from 3 sides. The abundant greenery, eclectic artworks and all day sunshine create the perfect spaces for when you want have a chat or just step away from your desk.

Why work with me

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Michael works closely and collaboratively with clients, ensuring the final deliverables are exactly what you envisaged.



Michael is one of the most experienced Sydney-based photographers with over 30 years experience across a range of industries.



Owning his own studio means Michael always has the space and equipment available for shoots. This means no delays and allows for a much smoother process from start to finish.

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